How To Read American Odds | Sports Betting 101

A little confused about how to read American odds? No problem!  @The Action Network  has you covered with this simple-to-follow explainer video. In this tutorial, Uncle Mitch walks you through everything you need to know about American Odds. You’ll be reading sportsbooks like a pro in no time. Well … in less than 10 minutes…

0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Today’s Lesson Plan
1:02 – How To Read Odds
4:38 – What Are American Odds?
5:35 – You’re Not Dumb
5:47 – Why Sportsbooks Use Odds
8:17 – Mitch-Cap

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How To Read American Odds
How To Win At Sports Betting. How To Win At Sports Gambling.
How To Bet On Sports – Beginners Guide. Sports Betting for Dummies. Sports Gambling for Dummies. Sports Betting 101

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