Denver Broncos legend Steve Atwater joins Great Dane Nation | Episode 54 | September 15, 2021

Denver Broncos legend and Pro Football Hall of Fame safety Steve Atwater joins Morten Andersen on "Great Dane Nation!"

0:00 – Reflecting on his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction weekend
7:20 – The impact of his high school football coach on his entire career
10:16 – Where he got the nickname “Smiling Assassin”
11:21 – The backstory behind his legendary hit on Christian Okoye
13:30 – How Wade Phillips changed his career
15:20 – Passing along well-wishes from Brandon McManus
15:45 Induction into Canton with both Peyton Manning & John Lynch
19:35 Who will take more snaps, Teddy Bridgewater or Drew Lock?
21:05 What’s the ceiling for the 2021 Denver Broncos?
22:27 The brilliance of Justin Simmons
24:18 Why he believes in the Patrick Surtain II hype
25:55 Von Miller is the second greatest Bronco of all-time
28:12 Who he thinks is the best safety & hardest hitter in today’s NFL
30:14 “The Name Game,” featuring John Elway, Mike Shanahan, Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharpe, Rod Smith, Dan Reeves, Ed McCaffery, Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells, Bill Romanowski, Karl Mecklenburg, Pat Bowlen, Jason Elam and Dennis Smith.

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