NFL Betting Week 11: A Look Inside The Book with Darren Rovell

A Look Inside The Book for NFL Betting Week 11, hosted by the Action Network’s Darren Rovell and PointsBet’s Director of Trading Jay Croucher. Rovell interviews Croucher about NFL Week 11 betting lines, spreads, and totals. Viewers get a look inside the book!

Where is the public money this week? What teams are the experts betting? Why are teams priced the way they are? Which bets are the sharps taking?

This week, they talk about the division rivalry games of Cardinals vs Seahawks and Packers vs Vikings. They also discuss whether the Chiefs team from Week 10 is here to stay and whether the Titans can cover a double-digit spread against the Texans.

0:00 – Cardinals vs Seahawks
1:23 – Packers vs Vikings
2:36 – Cowboys vs Chiefs
4:20 – Texans vs Titans

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