Steve Largent on Russell Wilson’s future, beginning of “The 12s,” DK Metcalf & more! | Episode 64

Steve Largent is one of the founding fathers of Seattle Seahawks football. After a 14 year career in the Pacific Northwest, Steve retired with every major receiving record. And shortly into his retirement, he embarked on a career in politics. Steve talks about his unique journey on this week’s edition of "Great Dane Nation" with Morten Andersen!

0:00 Steve Largent joins the show
0:53 Growing up without his father, and the men in his life that filled that void
5:14 Using sports as an escape while growing up
7:31 Being the back-up holder, and why it was the hardest thing he had to do in his football career
10:11 Why never wore gloves in his career, but definitely would wear gloves if he was playing today
11:44 His philosophy when it came to catching the football
14:47 The most important steps a wide receiver should take to be successful in the NFL
17:43 Why receivers prefer to play against man-coverage as opposed to zone
20:07 Having the ability to improv on-the-fly if a play goes poorly
22:13 Why he chose to go to Tulsa to play college football
24:43 Being cut by the Houston Oilers during his first NFL training camp, and how that led him to signing with the brand-new Seattle Seahawks
29:17 The excitement around being a part of a new franchise, both from the fan and player perspective
31:40 What he thinks when he sees a wideout the size of DK Metcalf
33:12 Why he thinks Russell Wilson will be a Seattle Seahawk “as long as he wants to be”
34:36 Why he went into politics after retiring from football
36:55 Why he won’t be running for president in 2024
37:59 Why losing a political race hurts harder than losing a big football game
38:57 The parallels between football and politics
40:45 Meeting multiple presidents while he served in congress
41:31 “The Name Game,” featuring Kenny Easley, Jim Mora, Carl Eller, Joe Nash, Franco Harris, Brian Bosworth, Tom Flores, Mike Tice, Dave Krieg and Jim Zorn

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