NFL Expert Betting Tips and Advice | The Action Network Podcast

NFL expert betting tips and advice from NFL betting expert Stuckey. On this episode of The Action Network podcast, Stuckey joins host Dane Martinez to discuss his NFL betting strategy. Tune in for all of Stuckey’s expert betting tips, advice and more!

0:00 – Intro
1:08 – Stuckey’s Betting Background
5:28 – How can new NFL bettors build their bankroll?
11:59 – Is it still important to bet on the NFL early in the week?
19:36 – What are the key numbers in betting the NFL and why are they important?
25:32 – What are you paying attention to in the offseason to prepare for the upcoming NFL season?
31:41 – What is your daily betting routine during the NFL season?
36:17 – What would you describe as an ideal betting opportunity?
41:50 – What are your live betting tips for NFL games?
45:00 – What is the ultimate high for you in betting the NFL?

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