There Is One Trend That Says the Detroit Lions Are Super Bowl Bound

  • According to one betting trend connected to the ATS NFL Power Rankings, there’s a scenario in which the Detroit Lions reach the Super Bowl this season
  • The Lions have never played in a Super Bowl game
  • Detroit has won one playoff game since capturing the 1957 NFL Championship

The Detroit Lions may be Super Bowl bound this season. No, really. It could happen.

Remember that old saying about how there are lies, damn lies and statistics? Well, in this case, perhaps substitute trends for statistics.

According to a betting trend associated with SBD’s against the spread NFL Power Rankings, there is a scenario that could play out this season that ends up with the Lions finding themselves in the Super Bowl.

The SBD ATS NFL power rankings differ from traditional power rankings. They factor into the calculation both SBD Editor-in-Chief Matt McEwan’s NFL strength of schedule calculations, in combination with the +/- of the team’s total betting odds from the opening lines of every game for the 2022 season. This system is rooted in numbers and data and eliminates the element of pure speculation.

NFL Power Ranking Trend Says Lions Will Make the Super Bowl

Okay, here’s the deal, the scenario in which the Lions find themselves playing for the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl 57.

The ATS NFL Power Rankings show the Buffalo Bills earning the top spot with a -85 total. That’s the lowest number to lead the rankings since 2016. This emphasizes how much parity is in existence in the NFL heading into the 2022 season.

In 2016, it was the Green Bay Packers topping the charts of the ATS NFL Power Rankings with a rating of 77. That season, the Atlanta Falcons, situated 25th overall in the rankings, reached the Super Bowl game.

This season, it’s the Lions at +49 who rate 25th in the ATS NFL Power Rankings. So there you go. Start making those Super Bowl plans, Lions fans.

Lions At Long Odds In Super Bowl Futures

In NFL betting, the Lions are currently the co-24th choice to win in the Super Bowl odds at a betting line of +12500. In other NFL futures bets, Detroit is the co-12th choice in the NFC Championship odds at a betting line of +6000.

The implied probability of the Lions getting to the Super Bowl at those +6000 odds is 1.64%. Bet $10 on Detroit to be NFC champions and the payout will be $610.00.

NFL ATS Power Rankings Trend

Team NFL ATS Power Ranking Super Bowl Odds
Buffalo Bills -85 +600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -77 +750
Los Angeles Rams -61 +1200
Green Bay Packers -56 +1100
Los Angeles Chargers -55 +1500
Kansas City Chiefs -53 +1100
Cincinnati Bengals -39 +2200
Baltimore Ravens -35.5 +2200
Indianapolis Colts -35 +2500
San Francisco 49ers -34 +1600
Denver Broncos -32 +1600
Philadelphia Eagles -28 +2800
Cleveland Browns -19.5 +2500
Dallas Cowboys -18.5 +2000
Las Vegas Raiders -7 +3000
Minnesota Vikings -6 +4000
Tennessee Titans -5.5 +3500
Miami Dolphins -3.5 +4000
Arizona Cardinals +7.5 +3500
New England Patriots +9 +4000
Washington Commanders +12 +8000
New Orleans Saints +12.5 +4000
Pittsburgh Steelers +39.5 +8000
New York Giants +40.5 +10000
Detroit Lions +49 +12500
Chicago Bears +50.5 +15000
Carolina Panthers +57 +12500
Seattle Seahawks +63 +15000
New York Jets +65 +12500
Jacksonville Jaguars +68.5 +12500
Houston Texans +86 +30000
Atlanta Falcons +90.5 +25000

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In the Super Bowl era, the Lions have played in one NFC Championship Game. Detroit lost 41-10 to Washington in the 1991-92 season. That was also the only year since 1957 in which the club won an NFL playoff game.

That’s right. Detroit’s last NFL title came during the Eisenhower Administration. Then again, if you’re a fan of the Honolulu Blue and Silver, you already knew that.

Super Bowl Participants Often Come from Off the Pace

There are other trends that can perhaps reinforce this hopeful thought among Lions fans that Detroit could finally end the drought and play in a Super Bowl game.

A team ranked between 18th and 25th of the ATS +/- has made the Super Bowl in four of the last seven seasons – it was the 30th-ranked Cincinnati Bengals last year who made the run. As well, a team ranked between 18th and 25th of the ATS +/- has made their respective conference championship in five of the last seven years. However, it’s the last two seasons that are the two where this did not come true.

The Lions do have an intriguing head coach in Dan Campbell. He speaks in clever catchphrases, which as New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has proven over two decades, is a vital component of NFL success. Detroit does have a QB in Jared Goff who’s led a team (the Los Angeles Rams) to the Super Bowl.

In actuality, the Lions look to be somewhat dangerous at the offensive skill positions. It’s their defense that tends to strike more fear in the team’s fan base than the opposing offense.

In closing, to paraphrase the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, what all this is saying is there’s a chance for the Lions. Then again, if your NFL betting strategies are built around the success of Detroit’s team, you might want to step back and reassess.

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