2022 NFL Week 12 Predictions and Odds | NFL Picks on Every Week 12 Game | NFL Prezidential Address

Week 12 of the NFL kicks off with a Thanksgiving battle between the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions, but in this edition, Prez is focused on Sunday’s action. Which teams are primed for bet-on spots in Week 12? What about fades? Brush up on the Week 12 action with Prez and Meghan Payton.

Nonetheless, the same great information has returned for another season. Each week, Prez will go through the entire NFL schedule and offer his thoughts on bets against the spread, over/under totals, teaser options and survivor picks. This year, Prez is joined by Meghan Payton to dive into the NFL prop betting market. Join us for The Prezidential Address every Thursday for some NFL best bets.

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NFL Week 12:
Introduction 00:00
Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars 03:58
Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers 06:09
Atlanta Falcons at Washington Commanders 06:30
Tampa Bay Bucs at Cleveland Browns 09:04
Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans 10:40
Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins 13:25
Chicago Bears at New York Jets 13:37
Las Vegas Raiders at Seattle Seahawks 14:45
Los Angeles Rams at Kansas City Chiefs 18:19
New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers 18:30
Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles 19:55
Meghan Payton’s Picks and Props 20:15
Prez Show Best Bets 22:54

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