Sports Betting Data & Analytics

Want to start betting like a sharp? It takes more than gut instincts to win with enough frequency to be a successful sports bettor. Sharp bettors know how to utilize tools like sports betting data and analytics.

We’ve been collecting unique and exclusive sports betting data for years. Want to know how often the Over wins when the total jumps by three points in an NFL game? How often does a team win when they move from an underdog to a favorite on the opening point spread?

We’ve been following betting percentages on games and that data is now available exclusively to Pro members. Use our historical betting data and analytics tools to make smarter betting decisions before getting down on a line. You might think that a spread increasing on a favorite is a sure bet, but how often does that favorite really win? Is the value actually on the dog grabbing the extra points?

Watch the tutorial on how to utilize our NFL Betting Database:

Stay tuned as we will be revealing more and more data in the coming months to help your sports betting decisions.

In the meantime, be sure to sign up for a Pro member account.

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